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Live4ever [ liv-fer-ev-er ] Media LLC was founded in 2009 by 3x Emmy Award winning visual effects cameraman and music photographer Paul Bachmann.

As music tastemakers, digital creators and SXSW event producers, Live4ever has been showcasing some of the world’s most original artists ever since.

Live4ever’s website content is overseen by our editor, Dave Smith.
Please reach out to Dave for artist submissions, inquiries and assignment opportunities.


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Senior Writer:

Andy Peterson


Jamie Boyd

Richard Bowes

Crispin Kott

Dylan Llewellyn-Nunes

Video Producer, Editor:

Marc Bachmann

DP, Cinematographer:

Jeff Enkler


Paul Bachmann

Jessica Bartolini

Andy Crossland

Lloyd Hendricks

Sam Huddleston

Gary Mather

Kayleigh Morrison

Alberto Pezzali



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(Past and Present) MOG, The Guardian, Pretty Green, SXSW, Ei8htballUK, and First Touch.

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“I love Live4ever – It’s a great site and always bang on the button!”

Alan McGee, Creation Records Founder, Producer


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