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LYLO – Thoughts Of Never: Review

Artwork for the LYLO album Thoughts Of Never

4 starss




As undeniably retro as LYLO’s stylings are, the swatches of blue-eyed soul and dreamy, layered eighties’ synth pop are a revelation.

If you consider it, pop has some of the most counter intuitive precepts imaginable.

A seventy-year-old construct, its roots were housed in brashness, in being counter …

Pet Shop Boys – Nonetheless: Review

Artwork for the Pet Shop Boys album Nonetheless

3.5 starsss




Pet Shop Boys combine lyrical openness with a more eclectic, playful musical backdrop.

When you’ve been around for over more than forty years you can probably consider yourself to have gone through most important career phases; from defining yourself, to finding an audience then, if you’re lucky, …

James – Yummy: Review

Artwork for the James album Yummy

3.5 starsss




James stare the issues of 2024 directly in the face.

Tim Booth has never been one to shy away from The Big Themes.

Since James‘ reformation, he and his bandmates have taken Donald Trump, populism and the devastating effects of climate change to task, most specifically …