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Dhani Harrison: Live4ever Interview

Press photo of Dhani Harrison by Josh Giroux

Dhani Harrison by Josh Giroux

Speaking with Dhani Harrison, even from the other side of the world, his enthusiasm for music is tangible.

The digital age has, as everyone knows, revolutionised music.

Fans can hear records before they get radio play. The power lies with the creator, they can release …

Live4ever Interview: Shambolics

Press photo of Shambolics by Liam Maxwell

Shambolics in 2023 by Liam Maxwell

Shambolics’ whole album is a reflection of everything that’s been happening with us and everything we’re seeing.

Much has been reported recently about the disparity in the music industry; with a grassroots venue seemingly shutting down every week, the hope for smaller bands to …

Artist Of The Week: Library Card

Press photo of Library Card by Ida Muhonen

Library Card by Ida Muhonen


Lot van Teylingen – Vocalist; Mitchell Quitz – Guitarist; Kat Kalkman – Bassist; Emre Karayalçın – Drummer.


We are from Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


Our band’s roots began in 2021 during the summer when another COVID-19 lockdown prevented us from attending concerts and …