The Rolling Stones post 4k versions of Jumpin’ Jack Flash video

The Rolling Stones by J. Bouquet

The Rolling Stones by J. Bouquet

The Rolling Stones recorded the videos at Olympic Studios in 1968.

4k restored versions of The Rolling Stones’ videos for Jumpin’ Jack Flash have been made available online from today.

“We shot the one without the makeup first,” director Michael Lindsay-Hogg remembered. “They were great. As we were doing it, I felt there was an ingredient missing, although at that point I didn’t know what it was.

“We had a small meal break and I saw Brian Jones sitting by the makeup table and sort of playing with the colors—putting it on his face and then wiping it off—and I thought, ‘Huh. That’s a real interesting look.’”

“And so I said to Mick, Keith, Charlie and Bill, ‘Just go over there to the makeup table and see what it’s like if you put some stuff on your face—either stripes or eye makeup, or full-face glitter, whatever strikes you.’”

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