The Districts stream Outlaw Love from Great American Painting

The Districts by David McClister

The Districts by David McClister

The song, ‘is about reassessing the past and realizing how much of your perception is colored by your particular set of experiences and beliefs’, The Districts say.

The Districts are streaming the latest track from their upcoming new album Great American Painting.

“Who was right and who was wrong? Was it love or a web of lies?,” singer/guitarist Rob Grote continues on Outlaw Love, which features guest vocals from Clementine Creevy of Cherry Glazerr.

“Life is this weird, fucked up journey, constantly changing and constantly realizing you were wrong or followed a false messiah, but there’s a lot of beauty in our ability to shift and grow through observing ourselves and our patterns.”

“I’ve been hurt by people I love and given more than I should at my own expense, but ultimately wouldn’t trade it for the lessons I’ve taken away from it all.”

The Districts will release the LP on March 11th.

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