Honeyglaze to release self-titled debut album on Speedy Wunderground

Honeyglaze by Holly Whitaker

Honeyglaze by Holly Whitaker

“‘Shadows’ was written during a time when I had just moved house,” Honeyglaze’s Anouska says of their new single. “I began to associate shadows with the inability to sleep and the feeling of waiting for the relief that the morning brings.”

Honeyglaze have set their self-titled debut album for release on Speedy Wunderground this coming April.

Speedy Wunder’s Dan Carey has produced the 11-strong tracklist which includes Shadows; out today with a video which the band wanted, ‘to be a bit more playful and match the jauntiness of the song’:

“We got together with directors Asha Lorenz and Flo Webb and a load of random props, and improvised shadow play scenes together. We just wanted to go out and have fun. We had no idea it would end in death. It was never our intention to kill Yuri. It just all happened so fast.”

Honeyglaze tracklist:

Creative Jealousy
I Am Not Your Cushion
Female Lead
Half Past
Deep Murky Water
Young Looking
Childish Things

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