Album Of The Week: Cathal Coughlan – Songs Of Co-Aklan

Song Of Co-Aklan Cathal Coughlan

Our pick of the albums reviewed on these pages is Songs Of Co-Aklan – the new one from Cathal Coughlan. Here’s your chance to revisit the review and check out the album via Spotify.

“‘Think of it as Jaws in space.’”

“The high concept for Alien was designed to sell the idea as simply as possible; in the late 20th century the new principles of mass communication were to rely on a gross dumbing down of any message intended for public consumption.”

“The same principles were applied to many spheres of music, not least of which was an apparent trans-Atlantic fascination with the Celtic roots of acts like Simple Minds and U2, their output shifting post-Live Aid to ever more blank levels of emotional constipation.”

“It was a tack that ostensibly Cork’s Microdisney could’ve aped, their third album – 1985’s The Clock Comes Down The Stairs – regarded in many quarters as the finest produced by an Irish band that decade.”

“But for chief songwriters Sean O’Hagan and Cathal Coughlan, the major label experience it earned them inevitably turned sour and, shortly after supporting David Bowie in London, they split in 1988.”

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