The Coral stream Lover Undiscovered single

The Coral

The Coral release their first double album on April 30th.

The Coral have posted Lover Undiscovered as the second single from their forthcoming Coral Island album.

“To me, Lover Undiscovered is about when you notice or feel something you take for granted, as simple as the sea or a bird flying, and it’s like discovering that feeling all over again,” James Skelly says.

“We wanted the recording to sound like The Velvet Underground playing a Motown song in Rhyl Sun Centre.”

The band’s tenth studio effort was recorded at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool, and is being brought to life via audio and visual portraits created by artist Edwin Burdis; island inhabitants which include their own grandfather – as Skelly explained last month:

“Coral Island is a world of end-of-the-pier day drinkers, kids who get where they shouldn’t, pre-rock and roll macabre jukebox pop and long nights of risky fun by the pitch black sea.”

“It seemed to call for a tour guide of some kind. Our grandad’s voice was an obvious choice to say the words none of us can say without a musical instrument in our hands.”

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