Billy Nomates shares Heels from new Emergency Telephone EP

Billy Nomates

The next Billy Nomates EP will be released on March 5th.

Fresh off her collaboration with Sleaford Mods on the brilliant Mork N Mindy single, Billy Nomates has shared the first cut from her own new release Emergency Telephone.

“Heels is about knowing who we are,” Tor Maries AKA has told NME of the track. “It’s about acknowledging strength under scrutiny and pressure.”

“It’s also about how playtime feels over. Stuff’s serious. We don’t know how any of what’s happening ends yet.”

“There are about 10 threats every day at any given time that feel big enough to stop you from doing anything. It’s digging for a warrior approach to keep going.”

In our recent interview with Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods, he told us how the Spare Ribs collaboration came about:

“Tor befriended Andrew on Instagram and then sent him some music which we really liked, and then I ended up contributing a vocal to her album.”

“On Mork N Mindy, we already had a vocal line in mind which was OK when I sang it, but we knew was perfect for her.”

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