Live4ever Premiere: Stephen EvEns – A Song For Europe

Uncredited press photo of Stephen EvEns

Listen to Stephen EvEns’ new single first on Live4ever.

Stephen EvEns has described A Song For Europe – the lead track from his new album Here Come The Lights – as a, ‘celebration of places visited and loved around the union’, and a, ‘reminder that there’s a world outside your door to escape to when life feels too contained’:

I have been fortunate to see so many of these places during my tenure as a touring musician something that has become more limited and difficult to do in recent years.

Stephen Gilchrist aka worked with a guest band consisting of vocalist Jennifer Macro, William D. Drake, Debbie Smith and Jimi Scandal on both this track and the full record and is following up the limited edition, vinyl-only release of Smoking Is Cool.

Here Come The Lights is due out on March 29th.

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