Ben Howard announces new album Collections From The Whiteout

Ben Howard

Aaron Dessner has produced the new Ben Howard record.

Ben Howard’s fourth album Collections From The Whiteout has been set for release on March 26th.

First single What A Day has a video directed by Cloé Bailly, ‘a nonsense idea loosely thrown together on the old English rhyme ‘back to back they faced each other, drew their swords and shot each other’’, according to Howard.

“Cloé somehow transformed a basic countryside shoot ‘em up into an amazing tale of delightful retribution,” he continues.

“She is a queen of dark comedy and I’m so grateful that as friends we got to work together on it. The eclectic Bulgarian cast and crew somehow managed to pull this off in strange times, it was all the more entertaining in a completely foreign language.”

Collections From The Whiteout tracklist:

Follies Fixture
What A Day
Crowhurst’s Meme
Finders Keepers
Far Out
You Have Your Way
Sage That She Was Burning
Sorry Kid
Metaphysical Cantations
Make Arrangements
The Strange Last Flight Of Richard Russell

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