Screen Australia announces new Courtney Barnett documentary Anonymous Club

Courtney Barnett live at Manchester Ritz (Photo: Gary Mather for Live4ever Media)

Courtney Barnett live at Manchester Ritz (Photo: Gary Mather for Live4ever Media)

This new Courtney Barnett film will explore ‘the inner life of the notoriously shy artist amidst her significant rise to fame’.

Screen Australia’s current focus on documentary is to result in a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse at the rise of one of its country’s greatest 21st century musical exports, Courtney Barnett.

Anonymous Club is to be written and directed by Barnett’s occasional collaborator Danny Cohen, likely providing new insight on the songwriter’s rise from the early 2010s’ Melbourne grunge/garage scene to solo heights via the Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit and Tell Me How You Really Feel albums.

“As well as being lyrically more visceral, the music is also noticeably abrasive – the fumbled early sludge of opener Hopefullessness barely getting out of its slacker trance before dissolving into a scree of feedback,” our review of the second LP reads.

“The sunshine and past relatable neuroses of suburbia it ain’t. There are occasional reminders that the singer has lost neither her keen eye for observation nor the knack of turning it into gold, as with Nameless/Faceless’, ‘I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup/And spit out better words than you’, but this is a song about how femininity and feminism are becoming more distinct in a world where so many men can deal with neither.”

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