Dry Cleaning debut new single Scratchcard Lanyard

Dry Cleaning by Hanna Katrina

Dry Cleaning by Hanna Katrina

It’s the first Dry Cleaning release for 4AD.

After the Sweet Princess and Boundary Road Snacks And Drinks EPs put their name firmly on the packed list of exciting new talents to emerge during 2019, Dry Cleaning have set up home on a new label with their latest track Scratchcard Lanyard.

“In the search for your true calling in life, it’s easy to try so many things that you end up confused,” the band say. “It can lead to an enormous build-up of frustration.”

“You may fantasise about exacting revenge upon your real or imagined enemies. Ephemeral things and small-scale escapist experiences can provide some relief!”

Dry Cleaning were a part of Live4ever’s Best Of series last December, our Boundary Road Snacks And Drinks review describing it as, ‘music that’s as ugly as it’s beautiful, like getting therapy without the shrink’:

“The quartet are not only smart (or naïve) enough to understand that these layers need to be picked apart slowly, the cheerful swing of opener Dog Proposal allowing listeners to process lines about wish fulfilment and Premier League football, while closer Sit Down Meal is a breakup song that manages to have distance and intimacy at the same time.”

“The highlight though comes via the wonderfully ramshackle funk of Spoils, where the slightly dystopian verbiage covers boxset binging and weird sex, to be experienced not necessarily at the same time.”

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