HAIM post Paul Thomas Anderson-directed video for Man From The Magazine

Haim by Paul Thomas Anderson

Haim by Paul Thomas Anderson

HAIM are back with Paul Thomas Anderson for their Man From The Magazine video.

“This video was filmed the day we shot the cover for ‘WIMPIII’ at Canter’s Deli in Hollywood,” the band say. “Paul came up with the idea after hearing the whole record and we both felt strongly that this song in particular needed a visual, so Danielle put on a mic and sang it live in the middle of the deli.”

The track is the latest to come from the sisters’ third studio album Women In Music Pt. III, a UK number one upon its release last summer. “Wise beyond their years, the sisters are happy to embrace these subjects with an admirable candidness, but equally are not overwhelmed by them,” our review reads.

“At a time when there seems to be only two responses to the world around – fatalism or despair – they bow to neither. Opener Los Angeles kicks off with a ludicrous sax break before whipped snare and a skeletal afrobeat riff soup up the idea of leaving their hometown, while 3 AM is a bubbly 90’s R&B sketch, booty calls and all.”

“On Another Try, they take the time hopping a step further, strapping themselves unashamedly to Ace Of Base’s cheese-laden classic All That She Wants, and for all the wrong reasons the payoff is handsome.”

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