Watch The Killers perform When You Were Young for BBC’s Live At Home event

The Killers by Olivia Bee

The Killers by Olivia Bee

The Killers brought out one of their crowd-pleasing anthems as they played their part in the BBC’s Live At Home event during the weekend.

There might not have been a crowd to be pleased, or anyone able to get anywhere near the Las Vegas rooftop from which the band performed When You Were Young, but it’ll have still been a highlight nonetheless for those tuning into a festival which had been arranged in the absence this year of Proms In The Park and Radio 2 Live In Hyde Park.

The Killers are stuck inside whilst they’re not atop Caesar’s Palace after releasing their Imploding The Mirage album last month, on which ‘the group’s best and most reliable parts have been left untouched’, according to Live4ever’s review:

“Flowers’ voice for instance – always seemingly a key change away from disaster – is still trimmed to reach you in row XX with the kind of sincerity that outshone his awkwardness with being a star.”

“On Blowback it’s in top gear, singing words about a woman living from Greyhound to Greyhound, perhaps on the lam from Sam’s Town, the quasi-mythical spot in which the band had made so much emotional investment before they too kissed it goodbye.”

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