Track Of The Week: The Nude Party – Lonely Heather

Nude Party

Our pick of the week is Lonely Heather from The Nude Party.

There’ll always be a Jim Jones Revue-shaped hole in Live4ever’s heart, so when tracks such as this one come along, packed with Jerry Lee piano, 50s drum beats and lovelorn lyrics, it always make us smile.

It’s the new single from Nude Party’s forthcoming second album Midnight Manor, due on October 2nd after live-to-tape sessions over the course of six days in upstate New York. “The video is inspired by Ralph Bakshi’s New York street animation style, in movies like American Pop, Streetfight, and Heavy Traffic,” frontman Patton Magee says.

“During the peak of the pandemic, our photographer friends Bryan Derballa and George Etheredge took a series of incredible photographs around New York City. We used those deserted street corners and venue shots as the backdrop for the rotoscope animation. Then filmed all the action on a green screen in our barn during quarantine in April.”

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