Live4ever Exclusive: Carlos O’Connell of Fontaines D.C. joins Film Noir on Lee Hazlewood’s For A Day Like Today

Film Noir with Carlos O’Connell of Fontaines D.C.

Joséphine de la Baume’s new garage-rock band Film Noir have teamed up with Fontaines D.C. guitarist Carlos O’Connell for a cover of Lee Hazlewood‘s early seventies, widescreen country track For A Day Like Today – have a first listen with Live4ever below.

“It feels like memories from a distant life but we met Carlos O’Connell, the guitarist of the phenomenal Irish band Fontaines D.C., not that long ago after our concert at Les Etoiles in Paris through Malina, a great supporter of the European rock scene and a common friend,” the band say.

“Spent a very fun aftershow and somehow late in the night planned to meet the next day in our studio. Carlos had this idea of covering this beautiful Lee Hazlewood song. Internet allowed us to finish recording it together from afar between Ireland and France last week, and to get it mixed in London by another Irish sensation, Al O’Connell (not related to Carlos as far as we know). Hope we can all join in Lee Hazlewood’s words of hope and you can feel a bit of the pleasure we had making this.”

Film Noir’s latest single Château d’eau was released at the start of May and is set to be followed by another later this month before their second EP emerges in June.

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