Track Of The Week: The Comet Is Coming – Lifeforce Part II

The Comet Is Coming by Fabrice Bourgelle

Fabrice Bourgelle

Track Of The Week is The Lifeforce Part II, the first piece taken from The Comet Is Coming‘s new mini-album The Afterlife.

Acting as a companion piece to Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery, the album will be released digitally on September 27th and physically on December 6th.

“The two records can be seen as companions, that cannot exist without each other, like day and night, light and dark, creation and destruction,” Danalogue says. “They were made together, at the same time, and have always been intended to be experienced together”.

“The Afterlife has been a topic of deep consideration and one of the keys to spiritual mythology around the world for millenia.”

“The idea of a form of continuation of consciousness from our perceived reality into another state brings an extra dimension of meaning into the gravitas of our actions in this life, our respect and reverence for our ancestors, as well as the sense of a continuum of life over an infinite, timeless void.”

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