Live4ever Presents: The Shimmer Band



Tom Newman – Vox. Babsy – Guitar. Smithy – Synths. Willz – Drums. Kuras – Bass.


Bristol, innit.


Waiting for the sunrise, trapped inside a grass maze drinking cider in the middle of an electrical storm.


These are the people that inspire us every day: Dwayne Johnson, Neil Armstrong, David Copperfield and the 1988 GB triple jump Olympian Vernon Samuels. Rock stars, all of ’em…


Between us all we’ve covered pretty much every avenue of work ;carpet roller, bowling ball polisher, cloud maker, magnet tester, money spender, water washer, candle melter. You name it, we’ve done it.


Our sound is an explosive, anthemic, multi-coloured, psych-rock and pop behemoth from the future.


More music, more gigs, more festivals, bigger better faster stronger. Also, I haven’t quite found the perfect sunglasses yet – the search continues.

Did you know?

Rabbits like Liquorice…for real.

What’s next?

We’ve got a brand new single out called ‘Sunkick’ which you can download from iTunes now! And we’re on tour in October/November so come see us in action in a small venue while you still can ;).


Summertime might be relinquishing its customary feeble clench on the Brits, but indie five-piece The Shimmer Band aren’t giving up the heat and good times just yet. Their new single, ‘Sunkick‘, is a rosy five minutes of uncomplicated pounding and singer Tom Newman’s dulcet assurance that he gets these kicks from you.

Flattery get you everywhere, or at least leaping on the spot to a tune as spiked with festival zeitgeist as this. But seeing as that season is over, you’ll have to make do with catching the Bristolians at a gig and hope that they can fit that colossal-sounding choir at the end of the song on stage. For a band not quite under the starlight yet, they know how to pull out a lot of stops.


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