Review: Manic Steet Preachers – ‘It’s Not War – Just the End of Love’

We are less than two months away from Manic Street Preachers’ next album – what will be their 10th full-length studio release. Postcards From a Young Man will hit the shelves on September 20, and the first taster, It’s Not War – Just the End of Love (due for release a week earlier), has already got the tails of devoted fans wagging in anticipation.

This introductory single stays true to the band’s formula of big guitars, big choruses and reliably thought-provoking lyrics. James Dean Bradfield can still deliver with as much as belt and gusto as ever (if only he gave Nicky Wire a few tips when it comes to backing vocals) and, overall, the track encompasses everything about the Welsh trio’s signature style.

If Postcards’ first single is anything to go by, those waiting for the Manics to enter their Sgt. Peppers phase may be waiting a while longer (it would be reasonable to assume they’re keeping the drive-time radio market in mind). It’s not War is catchy, but it would be a shame to think there isn’t a more hit-worthy track on their forthcoming LP. This is no design for life, never mind a motorcycle emptiness. Loyal Manics fans, however, will no doubt be satisfied.

Conor O’Brien

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