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Little Glitches and Chapter 24

Welcome to what is the start of a new series we like to call Live4ever Presents… Each week we will introduce you to two new up and coming bands that we feel are definitely worth mentioning to the masses. So without further ado let me commence with my first latest find for you. These four guys from Sheffield go by the name of ‘Little Glitches’.

Little Glitches

This band were a very lucky find for me, they have a sound that I thoroughly enjoy in bands of late. They stem from a classic background of psychedelic, folky sounds such as Buffalo Springfield, Incredible String Band and now quite close to Fleet Foxes. When I first heard their last EP ‘123’ I was amazed by how wonderful and jubilant there music was. Its a dreamy slice of harmonic psychedelic folk music that makes you feel like your walking through a field and discovering something that is a secret to the world. I don’t usually get this with a lot of new music, but with these guys I genuinely got the ‘spine tingling’ feeling when I first heard them, a definite sign of something special in my eyes.

If you like bands such as Buffalo Springfield, Neil Young, Fleet Foxes and Incredible String Band you will instantly fall in love with Little Glitches. So far every time I have heard their ‘123 EP’ I have felt happiness, warmth and an excitement of something special is gonna happen with this guys. You can download from iTunes two of their EPs, their latest one being the ‘123 EP’ which is truly something special and I fully recommend that you buy it right away! Also the band will be doing short UK tour this month and going into October. Stopping off in London on the 26th September to play The Half Moon in Herne Hill, which I certainly will be at. Also if you listen to the first track on their myspace page, ‘Full Load On Wool’, they tell me that it is a taster of what the new EP will sound like. It will be released fairly soon and I am certainly excited by the prospect of listening to something new from these guys.

So check them out here and also here

Well next up are a personal favourite band of mine, this lot go by the name of ‘Chapter24’


I found out about these guys through a friend who told me I had to go and see them. Telling me they would be a band I would be interested in and they were right. If you like your tunes in the style of 60s jaunty psychedelic pop then Chapter24are definitely a band you will want to go and see. This band have a quintessently British sound that is lost in most new bands nowadays. The songs are are catchy and complex all at the same time. A brilliant mix of clever guitar work that sounds simple but when you really listen, there is some very intricate work going on which I certainly find appealing. I have seen the band a couple of times now and find their performances inspiring. Their set list is pulled out of a giant teapot and different songs are played every time.

If you like quirky, catchy 60s influenced pop music then Chapter24 are definitely what is missing from your life! They are playing live in various venues throughout London in the next month or two. Notably Bedtime Night at The Bunker Club in Deptford, which is on the 3rd of October. Mel who plays bass in the band started up this night for new bands and DJs alike and is definitely a great night out if your looking for new talent. Also they do have a single to download on iTunes which goes by the name of Candyfloss Albatross. The band themselves will tell you they have definitely moved on a bit since that was released. But I own that on 7″ and also a download version of it and I still listen to it and think its great.

So check them out here and I dare you to tell me your not dancing around like a mad raving loon to these pop delights!

(Peter Cornish-Barlow)

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