Unknown Mortal Orchestra share final ‘V’ preview Meshuggah

Press photo of Unknown Mortal Orchestra by Jenny Nielson

Unknown Mortal Orchestra by Jenny Nielson

The new Unknown Mortal Orchestra album is out on Friday.

A final preview of Unknown Mortal Orchestra‘s V record has been shared ahead of its release later this week.

Meshuggah is one of those tracks displaying the the west coast and Hapa-haole sounds soaked up by Ruban Nielson during his stays in California and Hawaii.

“In Hawaii, everything shifted off of me and my music,” Nielson said. “Suddenly, I was spending more time figuring out what others need and what my role is within my family.”

I also learned that things I thought were true of myself are bigger than I thought. My way of making mischief – that’s not just me – that’s my whole Polynesian side. I thought I was walking away from music to focus on family, but the two ended up connecting.

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