The Chats post new single Struck By Lightning

The Chats by Luke Henery

The Chats by Luke Henery

The Chats start a UK tour in Southampton later this month.

The Chats have posted a brand new track entitled Struck By Lightning.

It emerged during live shows squeezed in between Australian lockdowns as the band settled down with new guitarist Josh Hardy.

“Struck By Lightning came about when we were having a jam,” Eamon Sandwith explains. “I was on the drums, and I just started playing this little pattern, like, ‘struck-by – LIGHT-NIN’!’ I thought, ‘Hmm, that could work’, so I went home and wrote a song about getting struck by lightning, like how you would feel, and what would happen.”

“People can’t grow their hair back and shit. It’s weird – especially the whole no-eyebrows thing. That would be really scary! I’m really hoping that this doesn’t happen to me, now I’ve written a song about it.”

The UK tour will come two years after it was originally intended, supporting their 2020 album High Risk Behaviour.

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