The Bees live at Brighton Chalk: Photos

The Bees live at the Brighton Chalk on March 3rd, 2024 (Alessandro Gianferrara)

The Bees live in Brighton

The Bees played Brighton Chalk on March 3rd.

The Bees concluded their UK tour in Brighton after the multi-format reissue of their debut album Sunshine Hit Me last September.

Six bonus tracks were added onto the original version of a record which the band said, ‘it would have been difficult for us to think that twenty plus years later, we would get to celebrate it once again’:

“An album underlined inherently with themes of fighting; the winning and the losing, the glory and the bruising, of taking it to the bell and still standing strong.”

We took our inspiration from multiple genres and pioneering artists. Jamaican roots, Brazilian Tropicalia, Afrobeat, James Bond soundtracks, sun drenched soul, psychedelia and under the stars around the campfire folk music. There’s no question that the golden periods of the 1960’s and early 1970’s informed our sound. Globally blending, Sunshine Hit Me is the mixtape that reflected all our treasured finds.

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