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Kate Nash – 9 Sad Symphonies: Review

Artwork for the Kate Nash album 9 Sad Symphonies

3.5 starsss




Kate Nash’s collection of ten songs is arranged to insulate listeners from some of the world’s abrasives edges.

There comes a time (several normally) when an artist needs to take stock of their career trajectory, have a look at what they’re doing and decide if it’s the …

Kneecap – Fine Art: Review

Artwork for the Kneecap album Fine Art

4 starss




Kneecap’s new album is an uncompromising but hyperactive grab bag of styles and moods that never gives up its intent to make you dance.

It very much helps in the 21st century to offer equal opportunity to all.

It also helps to have some perspective about your …

Eels – Eels Time!: Review

Artwork for the Eels album Eels Time!

3.5 starsss




If its predecessor was in places groove-orientated and outward looking, Eels Time! is unsurprisingly more personally orientated.

In a decade or so, writing a letter to someone is going to sound like a thing that dates from the Victorian era.

‘You did what? And somebody opened it …

FEET – Make It Up: Review

Artwork for the FEET album Make It Up 3.5 starsss



If the FEET formula has moved on, the progression isn’t a radical one.

Whatever the game, five years passing nearly always brings a big dollop of perspective for whoever’s playing it.

In the case of FEET lead singer George Haverson, there’s been plenty to reflect on – everything …

Peggy Gou – I Hear You: Review

Artwork for the Peggy Gou album I Hear You 3 stars




Peggy Gou’s debut album has been in the making for years, and its brief is to offer more than just a hedonistic soundtrack to a good time.

If you threw a tarpaulin over what is now perceived as dance music you’d have yourself a pretty big tent, …

Bess Atwell – Light Sleeper: Review

Artwork for the Bess Atwell album Light Sleeper

4 starss




Evidence of Bess Atwell and Aaron Dessner’s creative bond is writ large in ‘Light Sleeper’.

Music lovers might know of a famous t-shirt slogan which reads ‘Life has surface noise’.

The inference is obvious, that much like the grooves of a record when magnified, what looks from …

LYLO – Thoughts Of Never: Review

Artwork for the LYLO album Thoughts Of Never

4 starss




As undeniably retro as LYLO’s stylings are, the swatches of blue-eyed soul and dreamy, layered eighties’ synth pop are a revelation.

If you consider it, pop has some of the most counter intuitive precepts imaginable.

A seventy-year-old construct, its roots were housed in brashness, in being counter …

Pet Shop Boys – Nonetheless: Review

Artwork for the Pet Shop Boys album Nonetheless

3.5 starsss




Pet Shop Boys combine lyrical openness with a more eclectic, playful musical backdrop.

When you’ve been around for over more than forty years you can probably consider yourself to have gone through most important career phases; from defining yourself, to finding an audience then, if you’re lucky, …