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Live4ever Interview: Andy Crofts talks The Moons, Paul Weller and solo albums

Posted on 10 Mar 2020 at 10:12am

Andy Crofts needs some tips on self-promotion: “It’s by no means anything to do with what my actual album will be. I kind of wish I hadn’t done it! You know when you’re trying to be spontaneous? You can’t be spontaneous when you’re putting something out, it just doesn’t work like that. I had to tell people about it a bit. It’s just a collection of songs that I did on my radio show. No frills, quite rough. The recordings are really raw and some of the levels are up and down.”

The songwriter is speaking to Live4ever before his acoustic show at the Louisiana in Bristol, the second night of a mini-tour he’s doing for fun, certainly not to showcase his ‘new album’. As the frontman of The Moons has explained, he’s recently released a covers album just for the hell of it, comprising a number of songs he’s performed on his regular Boogaloo Radio show. “There’s a charm to them, so I just put them together for an album,” he tells us.

“Just for the hell of it, because I didn’t like the thought of those things being wasted. They’re all covers: Wings Of Speed by Paul Weller, Ghosts by The Jam, Don’t Let Me Down, Waterloo Sunset, I Love You by The Bees. I asked the listeners to pick a song every week, then I’d cover it. Then I just put them all into one space. It’s just digital. It’s not going to stay up for long. I’m having a very limited run of CDs put together, but that’s it.”



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