Julia Jacklin releases video for Crushin album track Don’t Know How To Keep Loving You

Julia Jacklin by Nick Mckk

Nick Mckk

Julia Jacklin has released her video for the Crushin album track Don’t Know How To Keep Loving You.

“I find it sad how much we can never really know how someone’s feeling no matter how much we think we know them,” Jacklin says of the video, which obscures its protagonist’s face and was filmed in the upstairs function room of a Turkish restaurant in Melbourne.

“We’re all holding back in someway. Our inner lives can be so weird and loud that we all have to hold back a bit in order to exist and function in the world.”

“He’s not really a part of what’s she’s processing in that costume shop red dress, he can’t really be let into those thoughts, she’s gotta figure it out herself.”

Jacklin will resume touring her second album in North America next month, starting at The Foundry Theatre in Philadelphia, PA.

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