New Music Friday: The Coral – Sea Of Mirrors

Artwork for The Coral's 2023 album Sea Of Mirrors

The Coral’s new album ‘Sea Of Mirrors’ has been released today – revisit Live4ever’s review and stream it right here.

“In the past, musicians treated the idea of a concept album as if they were a pill being offered to them by a stranger; approach with caution, do once, then never get involved again.”

The Coral, as we know however, are less inhibited by group-think. Having spent two decades gamely wearing the mantle assumed by those who come from within 30 miles of Liverpool but aren’t actually from it, they’ve successfully plotted their own distinct career path, one that enables them to have plenty of creative fulfilment whilst still popping up occasionally on The Best Indie In the World…Ever! type compilations.”

“But even given all this, you still never go second successive concept album, surely. And yet, here’s Sea Of Mirrors. This time the rickety and not entirely serious construct being played was to create the accompaniment for a spaghetti western where the creator, ‘couldn’t quite get the budget’, a vista modelled loosely on the soundtrack to Midnight Cowboy.”

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