Royal Blood announce fourth studio album Back To The Water Below

Press photo of Royal Blood by Tom Beard

Royal Blood by Tom Beard

Royal Blood’s lead single is ‘Mountains At Midnight’.

Royal Blood will release their fourth album on September 8th.

The recording of Back To The Water Below was all about, ‘letting the ideas take us where they needed to go’, according to Ben Thatcher, who also said the variety which will be on display was arrived by keeping, ‘the songs in charge’.

“No-one saw the years of us playing in loads of bands to no-one, that all gets swept under the carpet because the other story is magical and much more wondrous,” Mike Kerr added.

Luck is where passion meets opportunity. We got our golden ticket and walked out as tiny ninjas. We were in the right place at the right time, and we have to remember to give ourselves the credit that we didn’t get into this position by winning a quiz show, we put in a serious amount of work. It’s taken us four albums to realise this isn’t luck, we’re good and we’re committed to this.

Back To The Water Below tracklist:

Mountains At Midnight
Shiner In The Dark
Pull Me Through
The Firing Line
Tell Me When It’s Too Late
How Many More Times
High Waters
There Goes My Cool

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