Treeboy & Arc unveil debut album Natural Habitat, new single Retirement

Press photo of Treeboy & Arc by Nick Sayers

Treeboy & Arc by Nick Sayers

Treeboy And Arc have signed with Clue Records / EMI North.

Treeboy And Arc will release their debut album Natural Habitat on July 7th.

The band worked on their maiden record with producer Matt Peel at his Nave studio and, when scouting locations for the album’s impressive new single Retirement, picked the smallest pub in Leeds they could find.

“We recorded the album in winter and at the time I was working at a cafe/restaurant,” guitarist Ben Morgan said.

“Most mornings I would have to get up at 5am, it would still be pitch black outside, hurriedly dress myself in multiple layers top and bottom and endure the 20 or so minute cycle through the bitter cold to work.”

I would arrive just before 6am where I would drag 20 or so tables and their accompanying chairs from inside the restaurant and onto the outdoor terrace, despite the fact that I knew for certain not a single person would sit on them all day in the sub zero temperatures. It was this utter futility that left me longing to retire, at 25.

“It was frustrating that I had to work this meaningless job in order to survive but wasn’t able to commit the time and effort to the things I actually cared about.”

Being any kind of ‘creative’ often takes a lot of hard work to and to do it properly is almost like a full time job in itself, except usually minus the financial gain. Many people are in a constant battle between survival and finding the time to do the things that truly matter to them, this is what retirement is about.

The band are booked for Bluedot Festival later this year and also have a headline show coming up at London’s Moth Club in October.

Natural Habitat tracklist:

Midnight Mass
Virtual Reality Check
Box Of Frogs
Human Catastrophe
False Objects
Character Building
Behind The Curtain
Winter Of Existence

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