Enter Shikari confirm new album A Kiss For The Whole World

2023 press photo of Enter Shikari by Jamie Waters

Enter Shikari by Jamie Waters

Enter Shikari have booked a gig in New York for May 10th.

Three years on, Enter Shikari will follow-up their UK Top 2 album Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible with A Kiss For The Whole World on April 21st.

“Honestly, I thought I was f*****. I’ve never felt so detached from my soul, my purpose, my f****** spirit,” Rou Reynolds says upon the release of lead single ‘(pls) set me on fire’.

“I didn’t write music for almost two years. The longest I’d gone before that was two weeks. I was broken. It’s almost as if my brain had asked: ‘What is the point in music if it cannot be shared? What is the point in writing music if it’s not to be experienced with others?’ and then promptly switched itself off.

“‘(pls) set me on fire’ grew out of that desperation. This song is a projectile vomit of positive energy. Every emotion trapped inside me for two years, finally set free.”

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