The Black Angels return with new double album Wilderness Of Mirrors

The Black Angels by Pooneh Ghana

The Black Angels by Pooneh Ghana

The Black Angels have picked El Jardín as its first single.

The Black Angels are back with a new double album that will reflect the travails of geo-politics and the pandemic since we last saw them in 2017 with Death Song.

The lead track from Wilderness Of Mirrors – out on September 16th – has been directed by Vanessa Pia, who says:

“Alex came to me with a dystopian sci-fi idea of a future where Mother Nature is dead because we killed her, and the only way to experience her is through virtual reality- an already relatable feeling, as most of the world lives viscerally through social media.”

“Who knows where we will be 100 years from now. This project has been a dream in the making and a massive labor of love and could have only been possible with such a dedicated and talented crew, especially my dear friend and cinematographer Andy Hoffman.”

“For me as a director, it’s an honor to deliver this project on 35mm print and to have been chosen to make something for my favorite band.”

Wilderness Of Mirrors tracklist:

Without a Trace
History of the Future
Empires Falling
El Jardín
La Pared (Govt. Wall Blues)
Make it Known
The River
Wilderness of Mirrors
Here & Now
100 Flowers of Paracusia
A Walk on the Outside
Vermillion Eyes

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