The Lounge Society confirm debut album details

The Lounge Society by Alex Evans

The Lounge Society by Alex Evans

The Lounge Society will release it via Speedy Wunderground on August 26th.

The Lounge Society’s eagerly awaited debut album is entitled Tired Of Liberty.

After resuming work with Speedy Wunder’s Dan Carey, the band are looking ahead to its release with Blood Money – ‘a reaction to the culture of greed that’s seeping into the corridors of power across the world’.

“It’s a reminder that ultimately, we all suffer at the hands of self-serving elites, and it’s our personal perspective on the effects of dirty politics on the everyday lives of ourselves and people we know,” they say.

“For us it’s a song that completely captures this record and us as a band. It feels like the perfect development from our previous releases to our debut album and exactly how this record should be introduced.”

“The balance of driving guitar riffs and the groove of the drums and bass is sort of a snapshot of the album. We’d never claim to be a purely dance based band and we’d never claim to be a purely guitar riff-based band because it’s the combination of the two which excites us.”

“On Blood Money it felt like in the studio we took our sound to a different level. We approached the album recording in a totally fresh way to how we have recorded in the past and we got exactly what we wanted.”

Tired Of Liberty tracklist:

People Are Scary
Blood Money​​​​​​​
No Driver
Beneath The Screen
North Is Your Heart
Last Breath
Boredom Is A Drug
It’s Just A Ride
Generation Game

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