Imagine Dragons premiere Bones video ahead of double LP release

Imagine Dragons by Neil Krug

Imagine Dragons by Neil Krug

Imagine Dragons’ new video has been directed by Jason Koenig.

Imagine Dragons have premiered the visuals for their recent single Bones.

Produced by Swedish duo Mattman & Robin, it’s been revealed that the track will be on ‘Act 2‘ of the band’s Mercury album series which is to be paired up with last year’s first volume for a double LP release of 18 tracks on July 1st.

“It definitely served as the inspiration for the Bones video,” Dan Reynolds says, referring to the omnipresent influence of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

“”I’ve always loved that Thriller was both scary and playful. I didn’t know as a kid if I wanted to watch it again or not for fear of the ensuing nightmares, but I always came back for more with my eyes half-closed.”

“The idea of punishing Wall Street with a zombie infection felt like an enjoyable time. And it was.”

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