Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever unveil new album Endless Rooms, lead single The Way It Shatters

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever by Nick Mckk

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever by Nick Mckk

it’s the successor to Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever’s 2020 second album Sideways To New Italy.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever will release their new album Endless Rooms on May 6th.

The band took advantage of some respite in Melbourne’s lockdown restrictions to self-produce the album two hours north of the city in a mud-brick house.

It was there where The Way It Shatters morphed from a simple home-recorded jam to the lead single we hear today.

“It’s about how ending up in your particular situation in life is the result of absolute randomness,” they say. “If you happen to be born into wealthy Australia or happen to be born into a war zone in Syria.”

“That’s just the way it shatters. So it’s when this good luck is mistaken for a sense of pride in one’s self or their country they become confused and deluded about what’s important. It’s when those on the other side of the luck scale are completely othered and considered not worthy.”

Endless Rooms tracklist:

Pearl Like You
Tidal River
The Way It Shatters
Caught Low
My Echo
Dive Deep
Open Up Your Window
Blue Eye Lake
Saw You At The Eastern Beach
Vanishing Dots
Endless Rooms
12. Bounce Off The Bottom

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