Nilüfer Yanya announces new album PAINLESS

Nilüfer Yanya by Molly Daniel

Nilüfer Yanya by Molly Daniel

“It’s a record about emotion,” Nilüfer Yanya says.

Nilüfer Yanya will follow-up her 2019 debut album Miss Universe on March 4th next year.

PAINLESS has been unveiled with its first single ‘stabilise’, on which Yanya was, ‘thinking about surroundings and how much they influence or change your perception of things’:

“A lot of the city is just grey and concrete, there’s no escape. The video plays on the central theme in the song of no one coming to save you ever. It’s set in the depths of reality in everyday life where we are the only one’s truly capable of salvaging or losing ourselves.”

“Nothing is out there -both a depressing and reassuring statement (depending on how you look at it). Sometimes you have to dress up as a spy or a rock star and just hope for the best.”

PAINLESS tracklist:

the dealer
chase me
midnight sun
belong with you
the mystic

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