Self Esteem posts video for latest Prioritise Pleasure single Moody

Self Esteem by Olivia Richardson

Self Esteem by Olivia Richardson

Self Esteem’s new promo stars actor and comedian Alistair Green.

Self Esteem has posted the visuals for Moody ahead of the release of her second album Prioritise Pleasure on October 22nd.

“I’ve always wanted to make a version of Rihanna’s We Found Love but a more realistic representation of a relationship,” Rebecca Lucy Taylor aka says.

“Music video tropes are so fun and easy to execute and I’ve spent a lifetime trying to avoid them, but I wondered what happens if I just indulge in them.”

“There is nothing more inevitable and sad as the slow demise of passion and enthusiasm for each other in a relationship. I personally avoid it happening these days, the way you become enemies. It’s age old heteronormative bullshit.”

“The ‘ball and chain’ jokes. Fuck that. I wanted to play on that idea, highlight how boring and overdone it is.”

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