Manic Street Preachers release Complicated Illusions video

Manic Street Preachers by Alex Lake

Manic Street Preachers by Alex Lake

Manic Street Preachers went to number one in the UK with their new album for the first time since 1998 and This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours.

Kieran Evans has been working again with Manic Street Preachers, this time on their Complicated Illusions video.

“I’ve always felt the track feels like an epic soundtrack to an as yet made film so I’ve gone for a visual/lyric type affair using a similar aesthetic / approach to a lot of Netflix type title sequences using minimal / small type over multi-layered imagery,” Evans says.

Complicated Illusions is taken from the recently released The Ultra Vivid Lament, an album which ‘channels curiosity and disillusionment’ according to our review:

“Unsurprisingly for men now fully in middle age, perspective colours thinking: on Quest For Ancient Colour, Bradfield admits, ‘I used to make sense/But now I am confused’, whilst a capriciously divided Britain flounders on Don’t Let The Night Divide (for night, read right, allegedly).”

“Mostly though these are songs looking for another gear. This feels like kicking a national treasure, but only once do pulses start to race; the retro Scandi-heaven of Orwellian is a bullseye in their grand anthemic tradition, blessedly tinkling piano squared by some much needed trademark guitar scree.”

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