Inhaler remember summer shows on My Honest Face video

Inhaler by Lillie Eiger

Inhaler by Lillie Eiger

Inhaler gave a summer release to their debut album.

Inhaler have posted visuals for the latest track to be taken from It Won’t Always Be Like This.

The promo for My Honest Face was filmed by Lewis Evans and Ewan Ogden during the band’s recent live outings which included an appearance at the Reading/Leeds festivals. It was directed by Douglas Hart and Antony Genn.

“A message of hope, it hasn’t lost the capacity to exhilarate in that way that only new bands can, and sets an optimistic tone. Ironically, given how long The Killers have spent ripping off U2, it sounds very much like Brandon Flowers and co.,” our It Won’t Always Be Like This review reads.

“Drip-fed over the course of two years, the other singles fulfilled expectations: My Honest Face shimmers to an explosive chorus, as does Cheer Up Baby.”

“The stuttering electro-calypso of Who’s Your Money On? offers a different side to the four-piece, being a song with a second half in stark contrast to the first, a dream-like state of two minutes featuring singer and guitarist (and added atmospherics).”

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