Idles announce new album Crawler

Idles by Tom Ham

Idles by Tom Ham

It’s the swift follow-up to Idles’ 2020 LP Ultra Mono.

Idles have confirmed the release of their new album Crawler on November 12th.

The surprise announcement comes with first single The Beachland Ballroom, which Joe Talbot already believes is ‘the most important song on the album’.

“There’s so many bands that go through the small rooms and dream of making it into the big rooms,” he says.

“Being able to write a soul tune like this made me go, fuck – we’re at a place where we’re actually allowed to go to these big rooms and be creative and not just go through the motions and really appreciate what we’ve got.”

“The song is sort of an allegory of feeling lost and getting through it. It’s one that I really love singing.”

“I didn’t know Joe could sing like that,” Mark Bowen adds. “He’s been trying to write Be My Baby since the very beginning, but he didn’t want to be the punk guy wearing the Motown clothes. He wanted it to feel natural, and this song is.”

Crawler tracklist:

MTT 420 RR
The Wheel
When the Lights Come On
Car Crash
The New Sensation
Stockholm Syndrome
The Beachland Ballroom
King Snake
The End

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