Zuzu announces debut album Queensway Tunnel

Zuzu by Robin Clewley

Zuzu by Robin Clewley

Zuzu will release it on November 12th.

Zuzu has confirmed the details of her debut album Queensway Tunnel, doing so with its latest single My Old Life.

“This last 18 months have brought about some of the biggest changes in my life,” she says. “I’ve had to learn how to set boundaries. Learn how to walk away from people and how to let people walk away from me.”

“This song is about a particular period I had to dig really deep to find enough self-worth to move on from an emotionally exhausting situation that – at the time – felt like the end of the world.”

“It’s about pushing through those dark times and coming out stronger and wiser. Writing ‘My Old Life’ really helped me to shake off all of the toxic energy I was holding onto and truly let go.”

Queensway Tunnel tracklist:

Lie To Myself
My Old Life
The Van Is Evil
Bevy Head
Where’d You Go
Never Again
Endlessly Yours
Queensway Tunnel

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