Villagers release So Simpatico from Fever Dreams LP

Villagers by Rich Gilligan

Villagers by Rich Gilligan

Conor O’Brien will release his new Villagers album on August 20th.

So Simpatico has been lifted from the next Villagers LP Fever Dreams.

“It’s a song of devotion; whether to a person, the self, or the art of being, a struggle for authenticity is at its core,” O’Brien explains.

“We all jammed and recorded an early version with too many words and I took it home and simplified it until it was as pure an expression as possible. It’s a pop song about the essence of love.”

The video has been directed by Rosie Barrett, who describes it as, ‘a journey of awakening and self-reflection of a sad clown finding love within himself and sparking that zest for life that was lost some time ago’.

“Creating a visual narrative for this beautiful song was a joy as I have been long admiring Conor’s music,” Barrett concludes. “I had the pleasure of working with a brilliant cast and crew in the making and I am very excited to see this video out in the world.”

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