Arlo Parks premieres official video for Too Good

Arlo Parks by Jack Bridgland

Arlo Parks by Jack Bridgland

Arlo Parks has returned to this year’s debut album Collapsed In Sunbeams.

Arlo Parks has premiered a video for Too Good, directed by the duo Bedroom. “I did this one with Paul in one of our first days of sessions,” Parks recalls of her work with Paul Epworth.

“I showed him all the music that I was obsessed with at the time, from ’70s Zambian psychedelic rock to MF DOOM and the hip-hop that I love via Tame Impala and big ’90s throwback pop by TLC.”

“From there, it was a whirlwind. Paul started playing this drumbeat, and then I was just running around for ages singing into mics and going off to do stuff on the guitar. I love some of the little details, like the bump on someone’s wrist and getting to name-drop Thom Yorke. It feels truly me.”

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