Live4ever’s Best Tracks Of 2021…So Far: Anna Leone – Once

Anna Leone

Live4ever is currently shining the spotlight on some of our favourite albums and tracks of 2021 so far – today’s highlight comes from Anna Leone.

Anna Leone released Once in January. Its innate fragility felt perfect for the world back then, entering as it was into the second year of a global pandemic which had, amongst many other things, shown up the thin threads by which society is held together.

Now, the summer days are dawning and rehabilitation is the world’s challenge. Once has changed with time too; six months on, it seems less brittle. A beauty is shining through, strength is only growing with an impressive sense of longevity. There’s unlikely to be another track this year which matches it for such qualities.

“The narrative loop comes from the idea of being stuck in your ways, going through the same patterns, but then choosing to break out of that and do things differently,” Leone said of it.

“Towards the end I reconcile with the past, symbolised by the little girl. I choose to embrace what once was in order to move forward.”

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