Anniversary boxsets announced for George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass

George Harrison All Things Must Pass boxset

George Harrison made the first big post-Beatles statement in 1970.

We’ve heard of anniversary boxsets, deluxe boxets, super deluxe boxsets, limited edition boxsets…for the 50th anniversary of George Harrison’s classic solo debut All Things Must Pass, add an ‘uber deluxe boxset’ to the list.

That version will offer no fewer than 8LPs and 5CDs in wooden crate packaging, together with a scrapbook, laser cut wood detailing from an oak tree in Harrison’s garden, 1/6 scale replica gnomes from the sleeve, lithographs and much more; a private jet, probably.

It’s just one of many boxset editions which are being made available from August 6th, most carrying a wealth of previously unheard demos, outtakes and, fittingly of course for this record, studio jams.

It follows the release of a 2020 mix of the album’s equally classic title-track, when Dhani Harrison promised just such a reissue package:

“We’ve been digging through mountains of tapes, and they just kept coming – boxes and boxes of them,” he said.

“Making this album sound clearer was always one of my dad’s greatest wishes and it was something we were working on together right up until he passed.”

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