Wallice premieres video for new track Hey Michael

Wallice by Jerry Maestas

Wallice by Jerry Maestas

Wallice has also announced her debut EP Off the Rails.

Wallice has unveiled her new track Hey Michael with Off The Rails due in the summer.

“Hey Michael is a revenge anthem for anyone who has encountered a gaslighting, manipulative person,” she says of the track which was produced by producer marinelli.

“It’s what I wish I would have said to all the ‘Michael’s’ I have met in my life. It can be substituted by many names, we all know or have met a ‘Michael’ though.”

“Somehow the world revolves around them and they just can’t catch a break, because they never do anything wrong and it’s usually your fault. You should have listened to your gut instinct and swiped left on this Michael.”

“This isn’t a man-hating song, it’s just something many people can relate to. Sometimes it’s embarrassing to admit just how bad a friend, date, or romantic partner was and a lot of the time, I would just smile and laugh off stupid remarks but when I think back, I wish I had told them off. ”

“But at the same time, my persona in the song is not the best person either. I literally say, ‘I think I want to start a fight, which one is your girlfriend?’. The whole song is funny because I am so focused on how shitty Michael is that I don’t even think about how shitty I might be as well.”

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