Rostam posts Changephobia solo album title-track

Rostam by Olivia Bee

Rostam by Olivia Bee

Rostam releases his second solo LP on June 4th.

“Changephobia was one of the last songs I finished writing for this album,” Rostam has said after sharing the title-track of his forthcoming solo record.

It follows 4Runner, These Kids We Knew and Unfold You in previewing an LP whose direction and underlying message was affirmed during a a chance conversation with a stranger.

“The chorus came to me sitting at the piano in my living room; I spent weeks picking up and putting down ideas for the verses,” the Vampire Weekend man continued on the new single.

“One day I sat down with an acoustic guitar, feeling close to giving up on the song altogether: all of a sudden a new melody, a new feeling, and new words came out of me and I felt like I could be honest with myself about what I wanted to say.”

“The song Changephobia is partly about something we can all be guilty of, avoiding our own feelings. I think of it as a reminder not to.”

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