Radiohead to restart archival concert series with 93 Feet East gig

Photo: Paul Bachmann

Photo: Paul Bachmann

“We rummaged in the Radiohead Public Library and found a few more concerts from a life we all yearn to return to,” Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood has said. “Thanks to science and the vaccines, we are a step closer to that.”

Radiohead’s archival concert series was one of the few shining gas lamps in the gloom of the first lockdown a year ago.

Now, apparently to mark the potential restart of live music in the UK soon, the band have been dipping into their vaults once more.

Series two is to kick off on April 9th from 8pm UK time with the group’s low-key appearance at London’s 93 Feet East back in January 2008, when their modern classic album In Rainbows was performed in full for the lucky few hundred who were in attendance.

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