New Music Friday: Royal Blood – Typhoons

Royal Blood Typhoons artwork

Royal Blood have released their long-awaited third album Typhoons today on New Music Friday – check it out right here via Spotify.

Live4ever has been chatting with both Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher during the build-up to Typhoons’ release, Thatcher telling us this week how the record’s collaboration with Josh Homme came about:

“That was done with Josh back in January 2019, at the beginning of the creative process. We did another one with Paul Epworth, but the whole record was produced by us and co-produced by some other guys.”

“Working with Josh was quite a natural thing for us as we’ve been on tour with Queens Of The Stone Age and become real good friends with those guys.”

“We’re big fans of Josh’s work and his production so it was quite an easy decision to try some stuff with him. We did a song called Space with him and there were some other ideas, but Boilermaker is the only thing on the record. Space is on the deluxe version of the album.”

And just before Christmas, Kerr went further into the wide-ranging influences which informed the sessions:

“The biggest fear for us was doing something uncomfortable. There’s the expression of ‘doing something outside your comfort zone’, but I don’t want to watch anyone being uncomfortable, it’s awkward. It was about finding something that was already in us.”

“It wasn’t like we researched finding new sounds, it was music we loved for years, like French disco, ABBA, The Bee Gees. With Trouble’s Coming, I was just thinking what it would be like if The Bee Gees were really aggressive. It made us laugh, which is the best beginning for a Royal Blood song.”

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