The Go! Team announce new album Get Up Sequences Part One

The Go! Team

The Go! Team have set a summer release for their sixth studio album.

The Go! Team have unveiled their new record Get Up Sequences Part One with its first single World Remember Me Now.

“I’ve always been interested in people’s daily routines – what people do all day,” says Ian Parton. “It was written ages ago but has become strangely relevant to the world now. It’s easy to feel forgotten at the moment.”

Out on July 2nd, the time between this and 2018’s Semicircle brought some significant personal challenges for Parton, the recording of Get Up Sequences Part One coinciding with him beginning to lose his hearing.

“I lost hearing in my right ear halfway during the making of this record,” he explains. “I woke up one Thursday in October 2019 and my hearing was different in some way – it fluctuated over a few weeks and at one point everything sounded like a Dalek.

“I seem to remember listening to music was bordering on unbearable. Over time it settled into just a tiny bit of hi end being audible on my right side.”

“I thought the hearing loss was from playing music too loud over the years but it turns out I was just unlucky and it was a rare condition called Menieres. It was traumatic to keep listening to songs I knew well but which suddenly sounded different and it was an odd juxtaposition to listen to upbeat music when I was on such a downer.”

“The trauma of losing my hearing gave the music a different dimension for me and It transformed the album into more of a life raft.”

Get Up Sequences Part One tracklist:

Let the Seasons Work
Cookie Scene
A Memo for Maceo
We Do it but Never Know Why
Freedom Now
I Loved You Better
A Bee Without its Sting
Tame the Great Plains
World Remember Me Now

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